WaitList Policy: YokoDana Kimono by-pound Wholesale

Vintage Japanese Kimono Bundles by YokoDana Kimono

WAITLIST POLICY, as of September 26, 2020:

We have had to discontinue using a waitlist for the bulk kimono packages. In an effort to  fairly distribute whatever kimonos we bring in from Japan we tried rationing using a waitlist. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons this was not working. Therefore, we're honoring recent waitlist requests as best as we can, but from now on will use first-come-first-served, based on what our web store shows as in-stock. We apologize for the confusion and inconvenience during COVID. Please feel free to check in with us if you had a wait list request in the last few weeks and have not heard from us.

Thank you for your patience.

Yoko & Dana Lewis


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