Wait-List Policy for YokoDana Kimono

Bulk Kimono Package Wait List

 Last updated : November 5, 2016

 November 5, 2017 Shipping Time Status Update:

Last month we saw  an extraordinary increase in demand for these packages. This  led to our being out of stock of almost all our bulk kimono packages -- a first in 19 years!   

Because of this there will be some delay through the end of November as to shipping time (time from placement of order to our shipment, not including transit time to customer). Due to the large number of customers on back-order and the wait list, for the time being orders will be processed and shipped approximately 10 business days after order is submitted, sooner if possible. Once we catch up then we'll return to our usual turnaround time for shipping our bulk kimono packages, 3-5 business days, often sooner.

  • General Information About our Wait-Lists:
Vintage kimono supplies are a highly variable thing. As we pick from sources throughout Japan year round, we find that supplies in general fluctuate as to types of kimonos we can accumulate and offer our customers at varying times of year. Our main product is our "A Package", silk packages in 10 pound minimum; however, we get many other different type vintage kimonos and fabrics throughout the year when sorting for these "A" packages.

We list on our bulk kimono start page what these various types are. As some of these packages are very popular with artists, designers and various creative artisans, we've adopted the practice -- at their behest -- of having a wait-list for particular packages. Also, we always first advise our opt-in members of these things via our occasional email newsletters.

  • Common Question about our Wait List:

"If I wait-list something, am I committed to buy?" -- No, your being on our wait list gives you a place in the queue and helps us plan; you will be given the option to buy before we offer the package to others or post its availability to the web site. However, if you pre-order using our secure order form process, please note that we fill such pre-orders before contacting those on the wait list. Also, FYI, we do not charge pre-orders until the day of shipment and for those using Paypal.com we issue a payment request via your paypal account just prior to shipment.

  • How to submit wait-list request:
To get on a wait-list please send us a message via the link just below and be sure to specify your name, email, the product number, poundage and your ship-to address. We will send an invoice email once we know your ship-date. Please click here to send us your message. Thank you.