110-CTN-ASA-MIX2: 10Lbs Vintage Japanese Mix 5Cotton & 3Asa/Hemp Kimonos

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March 30, 2024
Concluded April 1, 2024
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Full Stack of 10lbs/8 kimonos

Above: Full 10 lbs Stack View 8 Kimonos on Offer

 3 Asa Hemp1960s or earlier Kimonos
Above: Top Close-up View 3 Asa (Hemp) Kimonos

Above:  Bottom View: 5 Cotton Kimonos Close-up View


Ten(10) Pounds Mixed Vintage Japanese Cotton & Asa (Hemp) Kimonos, Special Vintage Package:

        • 3 Asa (Hemp) Kimonos
        • 5 Cotton Kimonos


Catalog#:  110-CTN-ASA-MIX2

US$95.00 Plus Shipping



In the course of picking and sorting for our bulk vintage Japanese kimono packages and fabric by-pieces throughout the year, we set aside these special items until we have enough for a bundle or two. Perfect for crafts, sewing projects, sashiko, quilters, and designers, but some worn casually. Each package is unique, one-of-a-kind.

The list below is seen in our first picture above:

  • 5 Cotton Kimonos (NOT bath/yukata types).
  • 3 Asa (Hemp) Kimonos (Pre-1960s).

    Full Description:

  •  We are selling this10 pounds package as whole garment cutters but most customers use them for casual vintage wear. Eight total whole garments include 5 long summer kimonos, and 3 Asa (Hemp) pre-1960s Kimonos; the average size of total fabric to make one kimono is about 14 inches X 12 yards (35.56cm X 11m).

  • What is Asa? In the centuries before cotton was commonly used in Japan, asa was a major fabric used in pre-modern times; It is a fabric that used flax or hemp plants instead of cotton, a traditional fabric made in Japan for centuries up until the 1950s; Asa is usually hard and rough to the touch when woven to be used for utilitarian purposes such as coverings, screen mesh, curtains, etc.; We sometimes see (but rarely these days) work clothing or aprons in thicker rough asa, but these kimonos in this package were made originally as summer kimono (called Yukata) asa; Asa is stronger and lasts longer than cotton, it is ideal for summer wear because the fabric breathes and wicks moisture very well, keeping the body cool, even better than cotton; These asa yukata are softer than the utilitarian mesh asa from the same period. 

  • Condition:   Sold as Cutters because of some imperfections, such as holes(not large), stains, and aging; even so, some may be good enough for casual wear or costume purposes.


This type of package is very popular among our members and regular customers. We've never received a complaint about these products in the many years we've been offering these kinds of packages -- in fact, mostly we get rave reviews from vintage Japanese cotton and boro lovers. We accumulate these slowly throughout the year. Because so many people wantthese distinctive and sometimes rare packages - and not so much of it is available any longer - we are only able to offer them randomly throughout the year.


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