110-CTN-SPEC-10: Lottery 10lbs Special Kasuri Kimonos, Vintage Cotton Fabrics

Members-Only Lottery:
March 1, 2023

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Special Vintage / Antique Cotton Japanese Textiles:

10lbs Special Vintage Kasuri & Other Japanese Cottons

10 Pounds Mixed Special Vintage Japanese Cottons: Kasuri Kimono(s), Jinbei, Furoshiki, White Kasuri Kimono, Shibori, Swatches/Smaller Pieces Kasuri, etc.

Catalog #: 110-CTN-SPEC-10

Members' Lottery Price:
US$125.00 Plus Actual Shipping Cost

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In the course of picking and sorting for our bulk vintage Japanese kimono packages and fabrics by-pieces throughout the year, we set aside these special items until we have enough for a bundle or two. Perfect for crafts, sewing projects, sashiko, quilters, and designers. Each package is unique, one-of-a-kind.

March 1, 2023 PACKAGE CONTENT, 10lbs net. wt. Cottons:
(As viewed bottom-up in picture above)

  • 2 Old Cotton Striped Vintage Kimonos(not bath kimonos/yukata).
  • 1 Shibori Kimono.
  • 1 Newer(1980s) reversible vintage Jinbei (work coat).
  • 2 White kasuri kimonos.
  • Bunch of smaller kasuri fabric pieces/swatches.
  • Other miscellaneous older cotton pieces.
  • 3 Furoshiki wrapping cloths (one with print of sashiko-like patterns).
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    10lbs kasuri package closeup top
    Middle Close-up:

    10lbs kasuri package closeup middle

    Bottom Close-up:

    10lbs kasuri package closeup bottom view

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      These are vintage and antique, and while some may have some very slight stains & imperfections, they are not of 'rag' quality, but all are clean and usable for crafts, art projects, design. We have special instructions for washing these if needed, as some pieces may be musty, having been in storage for decades.

          This type of package is very popular among our members. We've never received a complaint about these products in the many years we've been offering these kinds of packages -- in fact, mostly we get rave reviews from vintage Japanese cotton lovers. We accumulate these slowly throughout the year. Because so many people want this package and not so much of it is available any longer, we are only able to offer it a few times a year. We no longer use a waiting list for this because of this.
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