5275: Japanese Men's Kimono Obi Sash - Kakuobi - Cotton, US$15

Catalog #5275
(9 Types) Deadstock Japanese Mens Sash
Width:2.25 inches / 5.7 cm
Length: 89 inches  / 2.26m

US$15.00 per piece 
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Item Details and Description

New, unused deadstock sashes found mixed in with our bulk kimonos during our search in Japan; New and in original packaging, higher quality kakuobi used for men's kimonos and yukata. 

These sashes are the higher quality men's kakuobi used with summer kimonos and bath kimonos (yukata); never used, like new. 

Measurements: Width= 2.25 inches / 5.7cm ; Length= 89inches (2.26m) per piece.

Colors: Mostly dark navy-blues, 1 red, several in earth tones, browns & blacks. See close-ups.

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5275-1 kakuobi