Vintage Kimonos Sold as Lots

110-HAORI-5: Special Lot of 5 Vintage Japanese Haori

110-HAORI-5: 5 Haori, stacked


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Lot of Five(5) VintageJapanese Women's Haori
(Silk/Silk-Blend Kimono Coats)
"A Package" Quality

5 Vintage Japanese Haori
Catalog#:  110-HAORI-5

US$95.00 Plus Shipping
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  •  We are selling this bundle of five (5) authentic vintage Japanese silk and silk-blend haori (kimono, cardigan style); Sold as a lot of whole-garment cutters but some customers use them for casual vintage wear. Five (5) whole garments, vintage from the 1960s-1980s; the average size of total fabric to make one haori is about 14 inches X (average) 7 yards (35.56cm X avg. 6.4m).

  • Condition:   Sold as Cutters because of some imperfections, such as few tiny holes (not large), minor stains, wrinkles, and aging; even so, some may be good enough for casual wear or costume purposes. These haori are of the same quality and type as those included in our main bulk kimono package, "A Package (110-A-10)".

  • Pictures: Our pictures here are of five of these haori folded and stacked; the first picture is all five, the others are close-ups of the same haori; Also, our pictures here are samples, representative of what is in each package; each lot is unique.

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$ 95.00

110-HAORI-5: Special Lot of 5 Vintage Japanese Haori