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6682: 1980's Deadstock Japanese Sarasa Komon Silk Kimono Fabric, yard

6682: 80s Japan Sarasa Komon Silk,close

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Catalog #6682:

 1980's Japanese Silk
Sarasa Komon Type
Ladies Silk Kimono Fabric by yard

Width:14.5 inches / 36.83 cm
Length: 1 yard  / 91.44 cm

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Item Details and Description

Fabric History/Pedigree: 1980's fabric, deadstock (like new, never used from another era) for use in making a nicer woman's daily-wear silk kimono; 100% Japanese silk, sarasa komon type fabric; Received as partial roll.

Fabric Type: Lightweight silk originally for use in making a woman's kimono; fabric is slightly translucent and also lightly textured due to the weave, but is not a chirimen (crepe); this is a sarasa komon fabric, meaning it has multiple small-scale designs (usually intricate, like this one) interconnected and filling the fabric; probably a katazome (stencil) type process; designs are on one side only; a close examination of the motifs reveals that the complex patterns of leaves, flowers, etc are themselves couched in irregular geometric shapes; Motif colors are mostly moss-green and a sort of mustard-brown, and other shades of brown; Komon kimonos are a nice grade of casual every-day wear kimono.

Colors: Please use our text color descriptions to complement your sense of the fabric due to differences in contrast and color on different devices.

Condition: Excellent

NOTE: Multiple lengths ordered will be sent in one uncut piece.
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6682: 1980's Deadstock Japanese Sarasa Komon Silk Kimono Fabric, yard