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5339: SOLD1960'sJapanese Silk Piece,Ladies Chirimen Silk Kimono

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Catalog# 5339

1960's Japanese Silk Piece 
Ladies Silk Kimono Fabric, Chirimen(crepe)
Banded Gradation Coloring

Width:14 inches / 35.6 cm

Length: by yard / 91cmm


Shipping to USA Free/Discounted Int'l Under 4 Pounds

Item Details and Description

Fabric History/Pedigree: 1960's, chirimen, strong textured feel due the interweaving (looks like ikat/kasuri weave but we're not sure; see close-ups). 

Fabric Description: Interesting mix of banded colors which are in shifting gradations so there is no sharp delineation between different colors (much like some kasuri); Patterns same on both sides.

Fabric Type: light-weight silk, has texture, slight crepe (chirimen) feel to the touch, slight drape; higher quality silk of 60's.

Measurements: Width=14 inches / 35.6 cm ; Length= by yard (91cm).

Colors: As said above, colors gradually change between bands which run vertically the length of the fabric; include: various fuschia and reds, black, gray and some light blush pinks; Very different from what we normally see from this period.

Condition: Outstanding for its age, colors still strong, clean,no stains or tears.

$ 10.00

5339: SOLD1960'sJapanese Silk Piece,Ladies Chirimen Silk Kimono