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5202:1960's Japanese Silk Piece, Fabric,Deadstock, 1 yd/.91m(SOLD)

5202 Interwoven burgundy silk, 1 yard

Catalog# 5202

Medium Weight Woven Silk
Width:13.75 inches / 34.9cm

Length: 1 Yard / .91m

List Price: US$12.00 per piece(plus shipping)


Item Details and Description

  • Fabric History/Pedigree: 1960's, pieces derived from deadstock roll of kimono silk; (Deadstock means old inventory which is like new, but has been in storage, never been used)
  • Fabric Description:  Japanese vintage silk kimono fabric used to make woman's kimono; motifs are interwoven not print.
  • Fabric Type:  light-medium weight Japanese silk.
  • Measurements: width=13.75 inches/34.9cm; Length= 1 Yard (.91m).
  • Colors:  burgundy background with mustard accents and light grays.
  • Motifs: Interwoven flowers and thatchwork diamond patterns(rough edged).
  • Condition: Excellent, like new.
  • Note: If buying multiple yards of this, it will be sent in uncut length. We'll adjust /refund shipping to actual postage as needed for combined or multiple orders. 
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5202:1960's Japanese Silk Piece, Fabric,Deadstock, 1 yd/.91m(SOLD)