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5166: (SOLD)1980's Japanese Silk Piece,Deadstock 1 yd/91cm

5166: Japanese vintage silk 1 yard, half yard view

Vintage Japanese Textiles:
Deadstock 1980's Silk Fabric

14" (35.5cm) wide x 1yd (91cm)

Catalog# 5166

US$7.00 per yard(91cm)

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Item Details and Description
  • Fabric History/Pedigree: 1970's, found as roll.
  • Fabric Description: Deadstock(never used), Japanese vintage kimono fabric.
  • Fabric Type: Silk, Light Weight.
  • Measurements: width=15 inches /38.1cm selvedge to selvedge; Length = 1 yard/ .91m.
  • Colors: Dark Navy-blue background with yellowish-mustard and off-white.
  • Motifs: # shape squares, 2inches x 2 inches (6cm X 6cm).
  • Repeat Patterns: Horizontal rows are 2 inches(6cm) apart.
  • Condition: Excellent
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5166: (SOLD)1980's Japanese Silk Piece,Deadstock 1 yd/91cm