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6569: 1990s Japanese Cotton Deadstock Fabric, Tulips,Yard

6569: 1990s Japanese Cotton Fabric,tulips
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Catalog# 6569

Vintage Deadstock
1990's Japanese Cotton Fabric

Width: 15 inches / 38.1 cm
Length: 1 yard / 91.44 cm

List Price: US$10.00 / yard
Sale Price: $5.00

Fabric History/Pedigree:   Lightweight deadstock cotton (new but unsold stock) estimated from the 1990s originally for making woman's summer kimono(yukata, but not bath type cotton).

    Fabric Description:  Lightweight black background with large scale modern designs of tulips in red and white; same on both sides.

    Note on Colors: Please remember that the colors and contrast shown may differ on different devices. Please note the colors listed in the text here.

    Condition:  Excellent. 

    NOTE: If purchasing multiple yards, fabric sent in one uncut length; If you wish to buy the remaining full yardage, please contact us for a discount before ordering.

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    6569: 1990s Japanese Cotton Deadstock Fabric, Tulips,Yard