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6468: 1990s Japanese Deadstock Sake Company Apron

6468: 1990s Japanese Sake Co.Apron front

Vintage Japanese Textiles:
1990's Deadstock, Unused 
Heavy Cotton Sake Company Apron
Choh-Ryoh Sake, Nara 

Apron Size (not ties):
Width: 17 inches / 43.18 cm
Length: 18 inches /  45.72 cm

Apron ties are each 33 Inches/83.82 cm long

Catalog# 6468


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Description: 1990s deadstock apron made of sturdy thick  canvas-like cotton; This is from Nara, said to be the birthplace of Japanese sake(rice wine), the item is clean, almost like new; dark navy-blue heavy cotton apron with white letters and black-white strap ties; apron has 2 pockets; Writing on the apron: large characters "Choryo(ChohRyoh)" which means literally "Long Dragon"; the smaller print says "Naru Hodo no Sake", an idiom which loosely means "Sake Indeed!", or, "That's it, Sake!": The strap ties each extend 33 inches / 83.82 cm and are black and white (see last close-up).

Condition: Excellent.
$ 25.00

6468: 1990s Japanese Deadstock Sake Company Apron