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5527:1950s Japanese Cotton Aizome Indigo Fabric /Sashiko, by yard

Yokodana #5527 Aizome dyed cotton, maker's stamp

Vintage Japanese Textiles:

Deadstock Japanese Aizome Indigo Dyed
Cotton Fabric -- Ideal for Sashiko

Catalog #:  5527

US$15.00 per yard

Width: 14 Inches / 35.56 cm
Length: 1 yard / .91m
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Fabric History/Pedigree: 1950's (possibly earlier) solid Aizome-dyed indigo cotton dyed in traditional fashion, Maker name: Matsuzaka; With original maker's stamp at start of the bolt; found as partial bolt.

Fabric Description: Due to the traditional Aizome dyeing process,color is solid darkest indigo -- looks black but in close incandescent light the deep indigo blue can be seen. Requires special care and washing instructions, included.This is certified as genuine Aizome-dyed, 100% cotton.

Condition:  Excellent.

Notes: Ideal for sashiko projects; Nice information article on about Aizome is HERE.
$ 15.00

5527:1950s Japanese Cotton Aizome Indigo Fabric /Sashiko, by yard