Vintage Japanese Kimono Fabrics by Piece Cottons_

110-CTN-5: Five(5) Pounds Vintage Japanese Cotton Package

110-CTN: Image of 10 pounds cotton package

Vintage Cotton Japanese Fabrics by-Pound:

5 Pounds Cottons Package

Furoshiki (Wrapping Cloth), Cotton  Mixed Vintage and Antique Japanese Cotton Pieces Package
(Each Package Unique)

US$50.00 Plus Actual Shipping Cost 



    Packages are comprised of :

    Mostly furoshiki (traditional wrapping cloths) and sometimes cotton kimonos if on-hand; also various sized pieces of vintage and antique cotton fabrics, including some country textile pieces. Furoshiki are all different and are traditional with various motifs. Perfect for crafts, sewing projects, sashiko, quilters, and designers. Each package is unique.


      These are all deadstock and/or vintage and antique and while they may have some slight stains & imperfections are not of 'rag' quality but all are clean and usable.

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          $ 50.00

          110-CTN-5: Five(5) Pounds Vintage Japanese Cotton Package