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5445: SOLD-Contemporary Japanese Asa (flax/hemp) Linen Fabric

5445 red asa, one yard view

Vintage Japanese Textiles:

Japanese  Asa (Hemp) Linen Fabric

1990's Deadstock

Width: 15.5 inches / 39.37 cm
Length: 1 yard/ .81m

Catalog# 5445:  SOLD

US$10.00 per YARD

USA Shipping included under 4 pounds

Fabric History/Pedigree:  1990's Deadstock(never used), Japanese vintage asa (hemp/flax fiber) type linen fabric; 

This is a seldom seen deadstock asa (flax/hemp) of linen type, in red (most unusual); most of the asa we find are pieces from old garments or coverlets, and usually in dark and indigo colors, whereas this came to us in a full unused roll. Asa is a reed-based (flax or hemp) fabric more common in Japan in the pre-World War II era, particularly in the Meiji period and earlier; Asa is much stronger than cotton and lasts longer and is only made by a handful of artisans in Japan these days.

Historically, Asa fabrics were used to make some summer clothing, various covers, cloth to cover cabinet doors or food, mosquito netting and similar utilitarian purposes in old agrarian Japan. 

Fabric Description:  Asa (hemp/flax-based traditional fabric; slightly stiff; Interwoven lines run lengthwise;

Condition: Excellent.

NOTE: Sold by yard and if purchasing multiple yards we will ship them uncut as one piece.

$ 10.00

5445: SOLD-Contemporary Japanese Asa (flax/hemp) Linen Fabric