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5250: 1980's Japanese Cotton Fabric,7.5yds , 6.8m, Traditional Motifs(SOLD)

5250: 1980s kimono cotton fabric,wide cut, pattern
Vintage Japanese Textiles:

1980's Japanese Kimono Cotton Fabric
Factory Cut (28" wide)
Classic Japanese Traditional Motifs:
(Floral, umbrellas, origami cranes, etc.)

Width: 28 inches / 71.1cm
Length: 7.5 Yards / 6.8m

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Item Details and Description

  • Fabric History/Pedigree: 1980's, Found as single piece in bolt.
  • Fabric Description: Deadstock (never used), Japanese vintage cotton kimono fabric.
  • Fabric Type: Cotton, higher quality, light-medium weight, designs on one side.
  • Measurements: width=28 inches / 71.1cm ; Length= 7.5yards / 6.8m.
  • Colors: background is red with a hint of vermillion (shuiro) and various other light and dark pastel colors as well as some solid dark greens, dark colonial blues in specific motifs.
  • Motifs:  This is a rather standard collection of traditional Japanese designs, to include: origami cranes, flower baskets, peonies, book of poetry, fans, flower blossoms(cherry, plum, and others), maple leaves; motifs run continuously throughout the whole length of the fabric. 
  • Condition: Excellent.
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5250: 1980's Japanese Cotton Fabric,7.5yds , 6.8m, Traditional Motifs(SOLD)