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5244-6: Japanese Deadstock Chirimen(Crepe) Silk Furoshiki (Folding Cloth)

5244-6 silk chirimen furoshiki wrapping cloth, full view

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Japanese Deadstock Chirimen (Crepe) Silk Furoshiki
(Traditional Folding/Gift Wrapping Cloths)

Width:27 inches / 68.6 cm
Length:  27 inches  / 68.6 cm

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Item Details and Description

Fabric History/Pedigree:  These are recently made (between 1990-2000) furoshiki, traditional folding cloths with many uses; (See our blog HERE with info on use of furoshiki)

Fabric Description:  100% Japanese silk, manufacturer is Fujimiyabi, chirimen type, crepe textured to touch.

Fabric Type: Light-medium weight silk, high quality chirimen (crepe)silk.

Measurements: 27 inches / 68.6cm cm square.

Colors: Mostly dark red background with fan shaped areas in white background, diamond shapes in burgundy red; motifs in bright and dark colors from dark burgundy to dark aqua-blue; other colors: white, shuiro (vermillion), metallic gold trim on most flowers and plants. 

Motifs:  this piece is replete with many traditional Japanese motifs in varying combinations; Flowers are chrysanthemums, maple leaves, cherry blossom and another type flower we cannot identify (has iris like blades). See close-ups. Designs on one side only.

Condition: Like new.

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5244-6: Japanese Deadstock Chirimen(Crepe) Silk Furoshiki (Folding Cloth)