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5673:1960's Japanese Silk Piece,Shibori Tie-Dyed by-yard

5673 1960's Japanese deadstock shibori silk, close1

Catalog# 5673

Vintage Japanese Textiles:
Deadstock 1960's Silk Kimono Fabric
14" / 35.56 cm wide
1 Yard / 91.44 cm

Shibori (Tie-Dyed) Fabric

US$10.00 per piece

USA Shipping Included Under 4 Pounds Package Weight

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Item Details and Description

We are offering this fine deadstock silk fabric which has been hand tie-dyed larger shapes shibori which create a sort of grid;This silk has slight sheen and is a light weight fabric in  light pastel pink and white;

This silk originally was intended to be used to make silk kimono liner or under-kimono (nagajuban); Fabric is strong and clean, like new.

Recommended for any variety of creative applications, scarf or accessory-making.
    $ 10.00

    5673:1960's Japanese Silk Piece,Shibori Tie-Dyed by-yard