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5649:1950's Japanese Meisen Silk Fabric, 58 inches (AraiHari)

5649 1950's Japanese Meisen Silk, pattern repeats

Vintage Japanese Textiles:
1940's to 1950's 
Meisen Silk Fabric Piece

Width: 14 inches / 35.56 cm
Length: 58 inches / 147.32 cm

Catalog# 5649:

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Fabric History/Pedigree: Pieces received from traditional Japanese kimono cleaner/reconstructor called Arai-Hari -- see an excellent explanation of traditional Arai Hari by textile expert John Marshall,by click-pushing HERE.

Fabric Description:  Lightweight meisen silk This is an 1940's to 1950's piece; Meisen is defined literally as 'common silk stuff'; and has grown in popularity in recent years; Meisen from that period are usually larger bold patterns and bright colors. See close-ups.

Fabric Motif:
Very unusual, highly distinctive and creative use of bright and colorful designs, mix of geometric shapes, swirl or curved lines as well as various other traditional plant shapes (including stylized traditional chrysanthemums, etc.; patterns same on both sides. 
 CULTURAL-HISTORICAL NOTE:  In the early years just after the end of World War II in 1945, Japanese artists, fabric designers and others in the creative arts in Japan began to experiment with many different bright and innovative expressions, as they had not be able to be so expressive under pre-1945 Imperial and wartime Japan. So, one can sometimes make out things which have an almost European Impressionistic feel to them, all while still using traditional Japanese art  themes and design objects. YL

Colors: Background is  mix of reds, mustard, tan-gray, light tan with multi-colored cursive designs as well; Other colors used: black,olive-green, white, vermilion (shuiro); very distinctive meisen patterns, seldom seen varying sized geometric shapes in irregular grid. This is a very distinctive piece from that period, we've not seen one like it before from this period; creative work.

Condition: Excellent.

Cultural Notes: The best discussion we've found of Meisen silk fabric was on an old blog post by Japundit, excerpted here, from the early 2000's*: 
    "...Young women have rediscovered(Japan Times) the kimono, and you can see them out in Harajuku on the Sunday fashion parade. There's even a term for these girls -- not surprisingly they are called "kimono girls." There are even some nice books documenting the trend which you can check out at J-List and are definitely worth having if you are at all into fashion...."The meisen kimono, in particular, has become very popular. These kimono were made in the first half of the twentieth century, and were characterized by a glossy sheen, and brilliant patterns. There is often a sort of blurry quality to the silks...."
    [*original article is no longer on the internet.]  more info on meisen is here.
    $ 15.00

    5649:1950's Japanese Meisen Silk Fabric, 58 inches (AraiHari)