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5335: 1960s Japanese Shiozawa Omeshi Silk Rare Snow Country,Yd

5335: niigata Japanese rare silk, original label

Catalog# 5335:

1960's Deadstock  Rare Japanese Textiles:

Kinu Shiozawa Omeshi 
Special Niigata Kasuri Process Crinkled Silk Fabric
Ancient Technique from Snow Country Japan

Width:14.5 inches / 36.8cm
Length: 1 yard / 91.44 cm

US$18.00 per yard

Item Details and Description

This is a rare high quality 1960's light-weight deadstock  silk (new but unsold stock) from Niigata Prefecture, the region in north-central Japan often called "Snow Country". Shiozawa Omeshi type silk is made using a kasuri  process which was first used in Niigata (Echigo) with linens 1200 years ago and in last 200 years the same processes have been applied to silks also, producing highly distinctive fabrics unlike those seen anywhere else in Japan; Silks bearing the name Kinu Shiozawa Omeshi are designated as certified by the Japanese Ministry of the Economy as national craft art works (kogei). See cultural notes below this description.

The design is same on both sides, with fabric being light cream background but most of it is covered with the grayish field; designs are in light grays for most of the patterns of fans with flowers;  all motifs have  blurred subdued colors reds and light yellows. This unusual fabric is fairly rough to the touch and because of the process of making the crinkled silk fibers(see cultural notes below) it  has a distinctive look and feel. Selvedge is about 1/4 inch (.6cm) on each side.

Rarely found fabric, popular among Antique Japanese textile aficionados and textile artists.

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Here is some basic information on this interesting silk making process from www.kogeijapan.com
What is Hon-shiozawa silk ?
Hon Shiozawa is a textile produced in the region surrounding Minami Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture. It is one of the textiles that represent the Shiozawa region, which is renowned for the Echigo Jofu (a linen textile produced locally). This textile has always been popular and people fondly call it the Shiozawa Omeshi. The region is famous for linen and silk textile production. ....
...The characteristics of
Hon Shiozawa are the distinctively crisp texture of the Shibo, which emerge when the textile is kneaded in hot water, and the precise Kasuri patterns, including the Juji Kasuri (cross pattern) and the Kiko Kasuri (tortoise shell pattern). The technique for making linen crepe, for example, Echigo Chijimi, is also used to produce Hon Shiozawa. The Hacho Nenshi, which are silk threads twisted 7 to 8 times harder than other threads, are used for Hon Shiozawa. After weaving using the hard-twisted (left and right) threads for the weft, the textile is kneaded in lukewarm water to bring out the Shibo. For this reason, the Shibo that emerge are very delicate and the finished textile has a crispy texture. The warp threads for Hon Shiozawa are dyed using the techniques including Tekukuri (tie-dyeing), Tesurikomi (stencil dyeing), Itajime (folding the textile and pressing it between the wooden boards to dye it) and the Katagami Nassen (paper stencil dyeing). The textile is woven while being carefully and precisely adjusted according to the design pattern and the Kasuri patterns are fine and sharp. Together with the graceful Shibo, the textile has an air of serenity and elegance...." See www.kogeijapan.com for more info.



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5335: 1960s Japanese Shiozawa Omeshi Silk Rare Snow Country,Yd