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D-1013: Handmade Doll, Otedama Hina Empress Mini-doll

D1013 Hina Doll (Empress) Honami Nakashima

Handmade Otedama Hina Empress Mini-Doll
With Tsumami Zaiku Flower
Honami Nakashima Collection

Catalog#: D-1013

US$11.75 each

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By popular demand, we are making more of Honami Nakashima's gorgeously handmade items available on our  website. We have been selling most of her work only at venues until now. To learn more about her other work -- including about the meaning of 'tsumami', please click-touch HERE


Handmade mini-doll called Otedama; otedama means, literally, 'hand-held ball', meaning the Otedama is always filled and weighted to be held in palm of one's hand. Otedama are also called 'bean bags', or 'plush toys' in the West.

This piece  is called  Ohina-sama(Empress); Hand-crafted by Honami Nakashima, a master kimono maker  and tsumami zaiku artist in Japan for over 30 years, This is her creation: a Hina Doll (Empress) ; Honami also adds her meticulously made small flowers done in the Tsumami tradition of sewing. Note the  flower with pearl(imitation) in hair; Hina Dolls are from the holiday Hinamatsuri with dolls of the Emperor and Empress and attendants in Heian Era garb displayed in March each year. To learn more about it visit the following page:


Weight: 1 oz. / 28.35 g

Height: 3  inches / 11.43 cm

Width (at widest point across front): just under 4 inches / 10.61 cm

Fabric Content: Made from our own Japanese silk kimonos fabric, mostly from ceremonial types of kimono fabrics; Stuffed with cotton ball.


$ 11.75

D-1013: Handmade Doll, Otedama Hina Empress Mini-doll