Vintage Japanese Kimono Garments by Pound

110-H: Ten Pound Package Vintage Hakama (Kimono Pants)

10 pounds hakama, SAMPLE view 1, typical types

Vintage Japanese Hakama 

(Kimono Pants) by-Pound
H Package

Mixed Silk,Silk Blend,Synthetic Blends & Cotton Hakama by the pound 10lbs Minimum @US$9.00/lb

Minimum Order: US$90.00 Plus Actual Shipping Cost*

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Packages are comprised of varying mix of:

These are called hakama, or, a type of traditional kimono pants bottom. There are 2 types, split and not split. The split kind are worn more by martial artists and the non-split by musicians or at traditional formal ceremonies (wedding etc). Sold by the pound in mix of silks, silk-blends, synthetics and sometimes cotton.

NOTE: Pictures show a sample 10 pound assortment. Each package is unique but the pictures of the pile are representative of selection in each 110-H ten pound package.

These are mostly wearable but as vintage, they may have some slight stains & imperfections.


This is a BY-POUND product, not based on piece-count.
In general they weigh from 1 to 2lbs on average per piece, so average 6-8 pieces per ten pounds. We do not guarantee count, as this is a by-pound product, but these estimations give a good idea of what you get in a typical order.
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$ 90.00

110-H: Ten Pound Package Vintage Hakama (Kimono Pants)