Vintage Japanese Kimono Garments by Pound

110-GIRLS:Ten Pounds Vintage Girls Japanese Kimono,Silk & Mock-Silk

110-GIRLS:Ten Pounds Vintage Girls Japanese Kimono,Silk & Mock-Silk


Vintage Silk & Mock-Silks Girls Kimonos
Very Good for Crafts

10lbs Minimum @US$6.00/lb US$60.00

Plus Actual Shipping

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Pictures are  Sample Views of Recent 10lbs GIRLS Package: Each Package is Unique 



Packages are comprised of:
vintage silk & mock-silk vintage Japanese girls kimonos; including 1 lady's silk nagajuban (under kimono).

We offer in packages of 10lbs  all assorted as described here. 


These are all worn/used/old recycled Japanese garments, sold by the pound, and are meant for cutting, artwork, design, crafts etc. and mostly not for wear, though some tell us they are used for casual wear; each order contains a mix of girls kimonos with multiple traditional colorful motifs common to ceremonial kimonos (See pictures of a recent order, each order is unique); many customers have used these to make clothing, pillows, bags, hair accessories, in quilting, etc.


Conditions vary from excellent to good grade vintage. We do not send 'rag' quality soiled kimonos.

As vintage garments, many of our by-pound kimonos will have some stains & imperfections, some with musty odor.
(See Care section of vintage kimono FAQ on how to deal with this. Once on that page, please scroll down as there are several sections.)


This is a BY-POUND product, not based on piece-count. However, for general information, the average count of girls kimonos is eight to ten pieces per 10lbs, on average. We do not guarantee count, as this is a by-pound product, but this estimation gives a good idea of what you get in a typical order.
Reminder to please review all FAQ and general information pages about our bulk kimono packages before finalizing your order. Links to these info pages are in the ABOUT US and TESTIMONIALS tabs at top of every page.

Questions?: Please email us HERE. If our inventory shows '0', do you want to get on the wait-list for this? Tell us HERE (please include product number, your shipping address and poundage wanted).

 *Important Note about Shipping Cost for orders totaling over 30 pounds: We charge actual shipping postage, calculated real-time by our cart during checkout. However, our maximum size shipping cartons are for up to 30 pounds of product. Therefore, in orders requiring more than one carton, there may be an adjustment to your shipping charges. We are unable to do this real-time in the cart during checkout at this time, so we will advise of any adjustment during order confirmation if your order totals more than 30lbs of product. We apologize for any inconvenience.

$ 60.00

110-GIRLS:Ten Pounds Vintage Girls Japanese Kimono,Silk & Mock-Silk