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5650:1960's Japanese Silk Piece,Ornate Kimono Silk,Birds, Peonies

5650 1960's Silk Kimono Fabric Piece, full view

Catalog# 5650

Vintage Japanese Textiles:
Deadstock 1960's Silk Kimono Fabric

14" / 35.56 cm wide
40 Inch / 101.6cm lengths 

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Fabric Description:  Exquisite Lightweight 1960's silk originally for use in making woman's high-end ceremonial kimono; Designs on one side.

Fabric Motif:
Very unusual, highly distinctive and creative use of all designs, replete with peonies, birds, iris, bamboo leaves. others; fabric is textured to touch due to extensive interweaving of soft waves throughout (can be seen in several of our close-ups); good drape as this is a higher quality silk.

Colors: Background is  mix of varying shades of green, moss-green (aqua) with browns;designs also in light lavenders, copper; just a splendid array of colors(see close-ups). An exceptional design.

Condition: Excellent.

Recommended for making scarves or accessories: even suitable for framing

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    5650:1960's Japanese Silk Piece,Ornate Kimono Silk,Birds, Peonies