Vintage Japanese Kimono Garments by Pound

110-NAG: Vintage Japanese Silk Ladies Under-Kimono, by pound

110-NAG: Vintage Japanese Silk Ladies Under-Kimono, by pound

Vintage Ladies Under-Kimono

US$6.00 / Lb., $60.00

10 Lbs Minimum Order
(Average Count: 8-10 Garments / 10 Lbs)

Plus Actual Shipping Cost* (details below)

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These packages are comprised of ladies' and girls under-kimonos which are called nagajuban. They are mostly made of silk with occasional synthetic(mock-silk) and cottons with interwoven motifs or in highly colorful and usually floral designs (see pictures above); These are whole garments and some can be worn informally or are also used by designers in various ways.

 Cultural Note

About color selections: Please keep in mind that the majority of under-kimonos are made in reds and a color called shuiro (vermilion), an orange-red color, because traditionally this color is believed historically to ward off evil spirits / bring good luck. However, there are  only a few other colors of nagajuban. We mix them in when available. So please keep in mind the predominance of red /shuiro, all with interwoven patterns and designs.(see sample pictures); Please see more details on this below:

This package is usually in the following assortment:

2 pieces: shibori print, red.
2 pieces, w/combinations of red and b right colors, or other than red colors (as available).
2 pieces, Solid red, with interwoven patterns.
2 pieces, Red & white with motifs interwoven.
2 pieces, orange-vermillion with motifs interwoven.

As the non-red-dominant pieces which are colorful are the most popular -- and less common -- we add more of them whenever we have them.


Sold as CUTTERS, but some of our customers resell these as wearable; also, please keep in mind that these are vintage(old,recycled) please keep in mind that they may have some wrinkling, slight stains & imperfections, sometimes musty odor.

NOTE: PICTURES SHOWN ARE SAMPLES OF RECENT 10 Lbs NAGAJUBAN ORDER, first is pile, others are close-ups of the 10 Lbs; These pictures show the quality and types of nagajuban in each package. Each package is unique.

Questions?: Please send us a message HERE. 

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FedEx Ground

We now also offer FedEx Ground which is substantially cheaper for customers on West Coast and distant from us in Delaware; FedEx Ground prices, options and rates are offered during check out.  We also offer Fed-Ex to Mexico and Canada.

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* Important Note about Shipping Cost for orders of more than 30lbs: We charge actual shipping postage, calculated real-time by our cart during checkout. However, our maximum size shipping cartons are for up to 30 pounds. Therefore, in orders requiring more than one carton, there may be an adjustment to your shipping charges. We are technically unable to do this real-time in the cart during checkout at this time, so we will advise of any adjustment during order confirmation if your order totals more than 30lbs combined order  product. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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110-NAG: Vintage Japanese Silk Ladies Under-Kimono, by pound