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110-MNAG: DISCONTINUED 10 Lbs Vintage Japanese Men's Under-Kimono Nagajubans

MNAG: 10Lbs Mens Nagajuban, whole pile

This product has been discontinued. If/When we have it, we offer to our
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Lot: 10Lbs Vintage Japanese Men's Under-Kimonos(Nagajuban)
Count: 11 Garments

Catalog No.: 110-MNAG

10 Lbs (4.54Kg) @ US$125.00 
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These 10pounds packages are comprised of  11 vintage men's under-kimonos which are called nagajuban. Many are made of silk with occasional synthetic (mock-silk) and sometimes cotton included if it's in nice condition.

COUNT: We're selling by the pound, but this package has 11 garments in 10 pounds.

Sold as CUTTERS, but some of our customers wear or resell them as casual vintage wearables; These are whole garments and some can be worn informally and as costumes; these are also used by designers and artists in various ways. These are vintage (old, recycled) so they may have some wrinkling, slight stains & imperfections, and sometimes a musty odor.

Men's nagajuban traditionally are mostly ornate with many traditional designs and motifs, including various combinations of the following: cranes, hawks, tigers, birds, country home and nature scenes, shibori and other traditional art designs & patterns, Palace Dolls, samurai themes, and various crests, etc. A few of the nagajubans are solid in the front and sleeves but with large motifs on the back. We try to make each package a varied, attractive assortment.

NOTE: PICTURES SHOWN ARE SAMPLES OF RECENT 10 Lbs ALL MEN'S NAGAJUBAN ORDER, The first image is of a pile of the full 10 pounds nagajuban, other images are close-ups of the 10 Lbs; These pictures show the quality and types of nagajuban in each package. Each package is unique.

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$ 125.00

110-MNAG: DISCONTINUED 10 Lbs Vintage Japanese Men's Under-Kimono Nagajubans