Wholesale Vintage Japanese Kimono Garments by Weight(Pound)

110-B: 10Lbs Vintage Japanese Kimono, "B"Package, Bulk Wholesale Kimono Cutters

110-B: 10Lbs Vintage Japanese Kimono, "B"Package, Bulk Wholesale Kimono Cutters
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Ten Pounds Vintage Japanese Long Women's Kimonos:
"B Package"

By-Pound Package of Silks, Silk Blends, Few Mock-Silk
For Crafts, Design, DIY, Artists,  Sewing Fabrics Supply
(Cutters: Not sold as wearable)

Catalog #: 110-B  

10 Lbs (4.54Kg) @US$65.00 
Plus Actual Shipping Cost

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We have been selling our most popular  "A Package" women's kimonos online since 1998. In the process of procuring our supplies for this product (and our other types of by-pound kimono packages) in Japan, we also come across kimonos that, while not suitable for wear, we felt that they can surely be used by textile artists, quilters, fashion designers, and other textile artisans in their creative projects.

We felt that we could not sell these as 'wearables'. At the same time, we sense that they are too special to be thrown away. So, we decided on this package for all those creative folks who like to give new life to these special old vintage kimonos and save them from a landfill.


This 10 pounds package contains all kinds of authentic vintage Japanese women's long kimonos from 1960s-1990s. All of them have some sort of damage and imperfections, such as stains, tears, holes, etc.; they are, however, whole garments, and not rag-quality.

Each bundle is unique, meant strictly for those wishing to create something new with - or from - them; some have used them as a canvas for dye-air painting accents, or for full re-dyeing, embroidering, or, altering or patching over flaws; There seems to be no limit to how our creative customers use these special old kimonos in ways that give them a new life, rather than these kimonos ending up in a dump somewhere. 

For our sewing, creative & designer customers who might want to use them as cutters, to completely deconstruct these for the fabrics, keep in mind that when you take apart these kimonos you will get about 90 yards of the outer fabric -- average width of 14 inches; Inner liners add additional yardage, almost 30 more yards of liner fabric.

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FAQ's & Other Information about bulk kimono packages:

    $ 65.00

    110-B: 10Lbs Vintage Japanese Kimono, "B"Package, Bulk Wholesale Kimono Cutters