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Hello Brooklyn! Next Stop Washington DC Cherry & Philadelphia Festivals

April 05, 2016 Yoko Lewis

Hello Brooklyn! We're back from the Brooklyn Quilt! show and resting today. We were happy again to meet FTF some of you New Yorkers we've only known online or email and to make new friends as well. Thanks to all who came out in that blustery messy weather. It was a nice show and the Marriott(Brooklyn Bridge) a pleasant venue. Next stop is Washington, DC and then Philadelphia Cherry Blossom Festivals (April 16 &17). If you plan to come to either of these events please check here a few days before hand to learn about web discounts should you shop...

Site News; Venue in Brooklyn April 2-3; Blog status

March 30, 2016 Yoko Lewis

Following our switch to this new platform last week we will be adding our former blogroll and replacing links to our favorite blogs/social media pages here in the near future. If you think we should link to you, please get in touch... In the meantime,here's summary of what's up with us... YOKODANA KIMONO NEWS: Venue in Brooklyn, Web Site Updates,Schedule,Bulk Vintage Kimono Packages... Hello everyone as we enter Spring here in the northeast USA. Cherry blossoms (and all of nature) are already blooming here in Delaware, very early this year. Here's what we're up to... We've been busy bees here...

Technical Notice: Site upgrade on is complete(YokoDana Kimono)

March 20, 2016 Yoko Lewis

Technical note: We have completed the site upgrade. As server changes take 24 hours to resolve (be seen) on all servers of the world, we expect all locations to show the upgrade by early March 21.2016. If you encounter any difficulties accessing our site please let us know by sending message HERE. FYI -- somehow in moving to this platform we managed to lose our various blog files so will be re-adding our blogroll and recommended links here over the next couple weeks.

Conversion to new Shopify platform near completion; New Fabric Pricing

March 16, 2016 Yoko Lewis

We have put all our pages and products onto our present URL and all are accessible and totally functional. We will resolve new platform to the address by the weekend and announce here and our social media pages once our primary domain, resolves to new platform. In the interim, we are busy preparing for our first venue of the season in Brooklyn April 2-3, 2016 at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriot GrandBallroom. Details here on this blog and on our Facebook Page a bit closer to the event. If you ever come to a venue, please always tell...

Site Upgrade Status; Bulk Kimono Packages; Venues

March 06, 2016 Yoko Lewis

1. Site Upgrade Status -- For the techies who care about such things :}  : Just a quick note to say that we are almost finished converting all our old format pages to this new platform. We have some fabric pieces to add and we'll be done. We love the new look and it is SO much easier to navigate and order.  All products are up except the fabrics on page 2 of version of site, HERE. If you find any typos or problems  please let us know HERE. 2. Status of Bulk Kimono Packages: Our replenishment from...