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Kimono for Dolls: KimonoNoMirai on Pinterest

November 24, 2016 Yoko Lewis

Website www.kimonoNoMirai.com Review by yokodana.com: Here at YokoDana Kimono (yokodana.com) we like to share interesting things relating to kimono on our website whenever we come across them. This blog post is about one of them -- doll kimonos. The pictures here are from Kimono No Mirai in Japan (Kimono no mirai translates as 'future kimonos', or 'kimonos of the future' literally). Background: When we do our shows in the spring we are often asked if we carry kimonos for dolls. A few years ago we had Yoko's sister Honami in Japan (a master-level kimono maker) make one for us based on...

50 Facts About Geisha: Introducing HauteCultureFashion Travel blog

November 16, 2016 Yoko Lewis

We recently came across a blog which we love, both for its rich content and for its visuals (great pics!). It is ostensibly a travel blog but due to its focus on Japanese and other Asian national or ethnic traditional textiles and clothing, it is more than a travelogue. This is a perfect fit for us at www.yokodana.com. Meet Jane Wanderlust (surely a pen name :} ). We  loved her blog post  about Geisha but in further exploring her site were delighted by the colors, textures and beauty of the subjects of this blog.  We'll let Jane tell you more...

Creative Customer of YokoDana Kimono

October 22, 2016 Yoko Lewis

Our customers are so creative! Thanks to Diata W. of Philadelphia who recently bought a woman's nagajuban from us at a venue. While she was shopping in our booth she told us of her love of kimonos and that she had even made one herself. As we so often  do, we asked her to send a picture. We frequently ask show customers to send us pictures of their creative uses of vintage  kimonos and fabrics (both ours or even those bought elsewhere); we did the same with Diata, but unlike most others who forget, she just sent us a picture...

Blog Review: Kimono Contemplation (wearing a kimono/kitsuke) Are You a Jedi or Priest?

October 04, 2016 Yoko Lewis

We have been following --and have posted a couple things on our blog about-- the topic of 'cultural appropriation' as far as non-Japanese wearing kimono goes (search 'reddit' in our site search to see all relevant posts on this topic  from our blog). Our interest in this topic was piqued by a Reddit post last fall when there were protests at a kimono exhibit in Boston. This blog, kimonocontemplation fits nicely into that topic of conversation. Surely of interest to our Kitsuke followers. We have been following this blog for about a year. While the author does not post often,...

Japan Portal Websites: Japan-Guide.com Recommended by YokoDana.com

October 01, 2016 Yoko Lewis

Map of Japan (Japan-Guide.com)    (Pictures: Japan-Guide.com 2016) YokoDana Kimono's WEB SITE REVIEW: www.Japan-Guide.com We first learned of Japan-Guide.com some years ago when we joined their mail list. Over the years since 1997 they have evolved into a top quality modern web site with great visuals and easy to navigate layout. It is chock full of relevant and timely information and is kept current with considerable traffic and use of the site. Japan-Guide.com is intended for multiple audiences: First, travelers (especially useful for planning a trip to Japan), Second, Non-Japanese residents in Japan and Third, people seeking current information on Japan....