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Bulk Vintage Kimono 10lbs Packages In Stock

November 30, 2023 Yoko Lewis

November 30, 2023: Just a note to thank all who have waited patiently (or not?¬†ūüėÄ)¬†for us to replenish our 10lbs vintage Japanese kimono packages. Well, we just wanted to let you know that we‚Äôve added several of our 10lbs Bulk Kimono packages today, and will be adding more steadily over the next few weeks. In addition, we continue to add special old Japanese kimono fabrics by-piece almost daily. Handy Links: List of all bulk kimono packages See fabric pieces most recently added Reminder we have a page on our website where we post updates about our site - what's in...

What's New on YokoDana.com (November 17, 2023)?

November 17, 2023 Yoko Lewis

To see what's changed on our website, we have a new page that summarizes recent updates and products, HERE.  We update this frequently. In addition to a steady stream of new fabric pieces we're adding to the webstore, most recently we added some different lots of obijime (kimono ties/cords) than we normally have in our store. You can see them HERE. Otherwise, we're busy filling lots of back-orders for our bulk packages, and gearing up for the holidays.  See our most recent updates and added products

YokoDana.com News: US Postal Service New Shipping Rates for Ground Advantage

October 17, 2023 Yoko Lewis

October 17, 2023:We thought we'd share our experience using the new US Postal Service(USPS) rates the last 2 months since the rate change. all just FYI, below: YokoDana's Latest Word on US Postal Service(USPS) Rates: On July 10, 2023 the US Postal Service made a number of significant changes that affect the types and cost of postage rates available for parcels to USA zip codes.¬†¬†Now,¬†instead of first class and parcel-select rates (USA only), here at yokodana.com/YokoDana Kimono we have an inclusive¬†USPS Ground Advantage‚ĄĘ¬†class/rate postage. ¬†New USPS Rates Beating UPS for smaller packages: Since this new rate was integrated into our...

What's New? 9/25/23: New YokoDana Policy for "A" and "Nagajuban" Packages

September 25, 2023 Yoko Lewis

September 25, 2023: So, what's new here on yokodana.com?   BACKGROUND STORY: We are grateful that interest in our vintage Japanese kimono fabrics and by-pound bundles on yokodana.com continues to be strong as we head into our 25th year selling kimonos on yokodana.com, 34 years as export-import company. Thanks to so many, we continue to grow our customer base, both for bulk by-pound packages, and for by-piece fabrics. This presents a 'good news - bad news' situation, however. The good news (for us) is that demand remains high from customers world-wide; The bad news (for customers) is that we can only get...

July 17, 2023: What's New on YokoDana Kimono - yokodana.com ?

July 17, 2023 Yoko Lewis

  Due to the fact that we have frequent changes to our vintage Japanese kimono fabrics inventory offered on yokodana.com, we have created a handy page where we periodically inform visitors of any changes to our inventory or offerings. To check it out, please click/push HERE, or, remember this handy URL: yokodana.com/whatsnew .