YokoDana Kimono Status March 31, 2020: In Lockdown But Open

March 31, 2020 Yoko Lewis

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Thanks to those who have asked us how we're faring, your emails and social media messages are much appreciated. We are on our 13th day of self-imposed lockdown here in Delaware. We decided to do this before it was mandated in our state out of an abundance of caution.  We are well and have been religiously following all the CDC guidance as to hand-washing, disinfections, 6-feet distancing, etc. As we are in a high-risk group, we simply decided to remain inside since March 18th.
As far as our business goes, we are open and filling orders, as well as adding more fabrics by piece to yokodana.com most every day.  
Here are some details on our supplies etc. given the world economic slowdown:
1. Bulk Kimonos:

We have 10lbs packages of boys, girls, and solids vintage kimonos in stock. All others are wait-list or back-ordered. Our replenishment import shipment (shipped by our people in Japan well before the Corona hit there) is taking longer than usual but we expect it in the next week or so. We will then post the availability of all our bulk packages once we have them back in stock.  Go to Bulk Kimono Info Page HERE.
2. Vintage Japanese Kimonos by-piece / yard:
An interesting thing has happened: Starting when the Corona Virus first hit the west coast USA  we began to have a rush of orders from many of our long-time customers -- and a few new customers as well -- all ordering large numbers of fabric by yard or piece. They told us stories of how they are building their 'stash' of fabrics since they're going to be stuck at home for who knows how long. Many say they are finally getting to those projects that they had put off in the past because they "didn't have the time" -- well now they do, and plenty of it!
As a result of all these recent orders and our own 'stay-at -home', we have been going through our thousands of vintage and deadstock fabrics and picking the most interesting ones and adding many of them to replace the many fabrics that were sold out in this recent rush.
So... for those who are starting -- or re-starting -- projects, please keep in mind that we're adding many new and interesting offerings to our site. To search via our site search, showing fabrics by most recently posted,  Please click-push HERE.



Re: 2020 Cherry Blossom Festivals, Philadelphia & Brooklyn, New York --

Sorry, but of course both of these have been canceled during the Pandemic. We hope things can be back to normal in 2021 as we always enjoy seeing so many of our customers FTF at both venues. To see details of our venues, please visit HERE.


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