YokoDana Kimono: Announcing New Bulk Kimono/Fabrics Products

September 28, 2021 Yoko Lewis

September 28, 2021


We have been bringing in tons(literally) of vintage Japanese kimonos and fabrics every year since 1998. All these years we have been putting aside any unusual or distinctive pieces as we go about our routine sorting for filling orders for our main product, our "A Package ( 110-A), Womens Silk Package". Since we've done this for years and - before the Pandemic - frankly didn't give all of them much thought until we realized how much we had accumulated. So, early in 2021, as we made space in our storage here, we decided to be creative and put together interesting mixes drawing from our 'stash'. The list below is the end result, with numbers 2 to 5 just added in recent weeks. 

Also, please keep in mind that you can search our site for most recent additions to our store by using the link: http://bit.ly/yokodana-new-pcs.

  1. Special/Rare Kimono & Fabric Lots (Offered intermittently throughout the year.)

    We add new products, or, sometimes one-time offerings, to this page.

  2. 110-SAMPLER:

    Lot of 8 Different Type Kimonos from Bulk Collection
    US$115.00 for lot

  3. Catalog # SPEC-LNRS-MIX-5 :

    Lot of Vintage Silk Kimono Silk & Mock-Silk Liner Fabrics
    5lbs Mix of Arai-Hari & Deadstock Bolts
    (Solids and Interwoven Motifs )
    US$75.00 for lot

  4. Catalog # SPEC-LNR-RED-5

    Lot of Vintage Red Silk Kimono Silk Liner Fabrics, 5lbs
    All Silk from Arai-Hari, Used
    US$75.00 for lot


    Vintage Japanese Silk Ladies Furisode Nagajuban, by Individual Garment
    (Wearable, All-Silk)
    US$45.00 per Garment


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