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July 25, 2020 Yoko Lewis


We discontinued our Product 110-CTN-5 5lbs cotton packages at the end of 2019. However, from time to time we still offer some variation on these cottons, but are only available to members in a member lottery.

Background story:

For years (Since about 2000) we have been offering special packages of excellent older Japanese cotton fabrics in by-pound lots. Our most recent cotton product has been a five or ten-pound collection of mixed vintage / antique Japanese pieces of cotton, including furoshiki, kasuri, kimono and various remnants sold as our product # 110-CTN-5 .

Unfortunately, due to the extremely long wait-times for this product (months), as well as the ever-decreasing availability of these type fabrics in Japan, we discontinued this product. 

This trend started a few years ago in Japan when we found that the better pieces we had been finding in good volume for years were simply not showing up much at all in the vintage pool there. As a result, we now no longer find the better quality pieces in the volume we had in years past. By 2019 folks were waiting for up to 6 months using our wait-list approach.

So, to still afford folks opportunities to get these special packages, we are discontinuing the Wait-List for 110-CTN-5 and switching to the use of a lottery for members only.

What's Next?

But... What we will do,  however, is to offer these special vintage / antique Japanese cotton by-pound packages to members only when we have them. We will do this by sending notice of lotteries to members of our Opt-in List when we have several packages of these special old kinds of Japanese cotton available. Each will be unique and details will be sent with each lottery offer. Members have given us overwhelming approval of the lottery method so we'll continue with it.

Interested? What to do next?

 If you wish to be notified about future lotteries for our special Japanese vintage cotton (or other) packages, you will need to become an opt-in member, as this is to whom we send notices of lotteries for the special packages. To learn about and sign up, please use link below:

Also, you can always send direct emails, questions, or comments to:

 (not a link)

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