US Postal Shipping Rates Too High: Added Fed-Ex Ground, up to 50% cheaper

March 06, 2017 Yoko Lewis



Effective March 6, 2017: FED-EX GROUND has been added as a real-time calculated shipping option for www.yokodana.com (YokoDana Kimono). Savings for some customers is as much as 50% of Priority Mail shipping costs.

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During check-out when you go to complete your order and are offered shipping options, USA customers (continental USA) should see both the Priority Mail AND the Fed-Ex Ground rate. IF YOU SHOULD ORDER AND NOT SEE THIS, PLEASE CONTACT US RIGHT AWAY, writing to: danaklewis@gmail.com.

As a result of excessive rate increases by the US Postal Service, we have implemented a change to the shipping options offered during Check out on our site yokodana.com. These rates should also work for anyone ordering from Facebook or Pinterest. In the next day or so we will be updating our shipping information and product pages on our site to reflect this change, but we wanted members and followers of our blog  to know about this. The Fed-Ex Ground option should be available immediately.

Want to know how we came to this decision?


 It is no news to anyone that the US Postal Service has been steadily raising its rates in recent years. However, in their last rate change they sneaked in a really big difference without fanfare --dimensional weight (known as dim wt). This became more of an issue for our Central to West Coast USA customers. Dim Wt adds a cost based on the volume of the package, so that the larger the dimensions the greater the shipping cost becomes.

After the most recent rates increase in January at first we noticed slight postage increases for our USA customers on the East Coast to Central time zone. Then we found that our West Coast customers had their postage for shipping our bulk kimono packages rise dramatically. For example, one customer who orders regularly from Washington State went from paying about $22 in 2015 for a 10lb "A" package, to $42 in 2017.

Adding insult to injury (especially for us small businesses and our customers) USPS has eliminated old-fashioned Parcel Post above 4 pounds, and Parcel Post Select costs close to the same as Priority Mail, only takes longer (This makes no sense but it's what we've found in checking for each USPS shipment). Then we did some further checking and saw that larger packages (our 15pounds and up) had even higher postage.

For example, Last week we sent a 10lb package to San Diego for $42.00 (Priority, cheapest available for that size box USPS). Today, after installing real-time Fed-Ex Ground option to our website, 10 pounds to that same address was calculated at $21.00! So, from$42 to $21 -- and Fed-Ex says it takes 4 Days! Priority Mail is 3 days.

So, for some of you the US Postal Service rate may be the best, depending on where you are and what you're ordering. But at least now there is a choice. Sorry it took us so long to pick up on this major change by US Postal Service hurting our West Coast customers the most.

Any questions or comments please drop us a line.

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