Nov.22, 2021 UPDATE: Current Supply Status of Bulk Kimono Packages, Shipping

November 22, 2021 Yoko Lewis

Current Supply Status of Bulk Kimono Packages
(Re: Global Supply Chain Congestion Issues):

November 22, 2021:

Background Story - Answers to questions about Yokodana's bulk kimono packages supplies, shipping and Global Supply Chain issues during COVID Pandemic.

We have been receiving numerous customer questions about the supply status of our bulk kimono packages, since often we show sold out in our web store for our most popular packages. We want to assure you that throughout the Pandemic we have -- and are -- still able to procure and gather our vintage kimonos and fabrics in Japan, and also receive them here at our USA location (Delaware).

The issue is that the global supply chain continues to be highly congested due to many factors triggered by the Pandemic. FYI, we do not import our kimonos by Postal Service, instead using shipments  to us from Japan by ship, and then by rail to us on the USA East Coast. As has been seen in the news lately, Los Angeles ports are heavily backlogged. This congestion at the ports trickles down to affect the movement of domestic USA goods by rail -- and even impacts trucking scheduling.

So, in short, yes, we still offer our special  & quality Japanese vintage bulk kimono packages, but there will be delays and longer than usual transit times for some. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

As for transit times from us to you, there are still definitely much-publicized problems and delays using the US Postal Service (USPS). In the last month or so we find that USPS Priority Mail packages are arriving with only slight delay for central and west coast USA addresses, but other USPS Parcel rates can have major delays in delivery.

To deal with this we have recently added discounted commercial rates with United Parcel Service (UPS Ground) and FedEx Ground/Home. We find that for any address more than 200 miles from us that UPS Ground has been the best (cheapest) under our new discount -- sometimes up to 40% less to some zip codes when compared to USPS Priority Mail.

So...what we're doing is this: If we find that a package's  check-out shipping rate is cheaper by UPS or FedEx, we will use the lesser-priced carrier and pay refund of any difference, unless customer requests Priority Mail only.

What this means for YokoDana Kimono (yokodana.com) customers buying bulk kimono packages:

Because of the unprecedented and growing demand for our bulk kimono packages on yokodana.com, plus the shipping delays described above, we are now busy every day filling current as well as back-orders. Given the nature of our products, we can only do so many at a time, so, often products may show as Sold Out on our web store. 

Also, we now have an order limit on a number of our bulk kimono packages, limiting orders to one(1) 10lbs package per month per customer. Please check each product page for details. This can change from day to day.

We therefore recommend that customers check our web store regularly for the package(s) you are interested in, as inventory changes often. A technical hint: Please be sure to refresh or reload the product description page to be sure you're seeing the current product and availability.

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