Site Review: The Stalker Brand, 1-of-a-kind Creative Edge Miami

May 29, 2019 Yoko Lewis

Stalker Brand Shirt , hand made one of a kind

Brand name banner: Stalker, sutoka

su-toh-ka(brand name Stalker)

In 1998 we started selling our authentic, vintage Japanese kimonos and fabrics online. Since then we have had an ever-growing number of artists, artisans, designers, quilters and multi-media ‘creative types’ use our fabrics and kimonos.  Now, in our 21st year on yokodana.com, we believe that a near majority of our customers are some sort of entrepreneur or small business. Our customers range from large famous brands you might see in Macy’s or similar stores (but who won’t let us give out their names) to small shops, brick-and-mortar stores and web-only businesses world-wide.

It is a great source of pride and honor for us that so many of our vintage Japanese textiles are being given new life around the  world by such a wide range of highly creative people.  The latest to join us in this is Joanna & Daniela, a couple who runs a Miami-based creative agency called The Stalker Creatives  https://www.thestalkercreatives.com/ .

 They also have a (IMHO) bleeding-edge artful website selling vintage and one-of-a-kind clothing. Pictures here are of their latest creations made from special vintage Japanese fabrics obtained from us at yokodana.com . Our favorite is the first picture, made of a rare and very special old chirimen silk.

Here is what they say about themselves:

The Stalker Brand is a melting-pot of inspiration from Miami, Japanese and Korean culture. It’s graphical, TYPO-graphical, and of course animated.
Born from a love like “the cheesy movie kind”, The Stalker Brand was created by an empowered female couple.

Their clothes are for the gender equal, for the ever evolving, the evanescence and for those that can simply appreciate the craftsmanship in the details.

We hand pick even the smallest details because we believe that doing things out of love means giving our all to every part of the experience, so that you can "feel" (pun intended) it too. We believe in the power of communication through freedom and passion. There are no boundaries, paradigms or even rules to what makes us create.

We believe in the ultimate expression of our self and in the recreation of emotions throughout images, color, animation and sound.

We honor history by blending what was given to us from our ancestors with our everyday. This way, we don't forget about the past and we also Welcome the Future.

Welcome to The Stalker Brand.

Sustainable one-of-a-kind original Kimono fabrics traveled from remote Japanese regions, with historical pertinence, hand sewed together in Miami to produce a symbolic masterpiece Sutoka Shirt

Here you have the privilege of owning or adding to your shirt collection an item which embodies history, craftsmanship, culture, and originality. 

divider image: scroll down please

See for yourself what they’re up to:


Stalker Brand, green black stripes, vintage Japanese silk sourced from yokodana.com

Stalker brand shirts



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