Ronin Gallery: Japanese Traditional Cherry Blossom Prints,Antique & New in New York

March 29, 2017 Yoko Lewis

Cherry Blossoms Exhibition(Prints) Ronin Gallery, roningallery.com

Having grown up surrounded by antique Japanese arts I have been fond of hanga --Japanese wood block prints -- since I can remember. So when we found Ronin Gallery in Midtown Manhattan New York City we fell in love with their collections. So even if we can't make it into the city ourselves, we do enjoy browsing their collections online at Ronin Gallery, www.roningallery.com .

Today they announced an exhibition with themes of Cherry Blossoms, apropos of the season, as we see today our first signs of cherry blossom buds on our own Japanese weeping cherry trees here in East Coast USA Delaware.

Here are a few of our favorite prints (mostly antique, one contemporary) from their website:

roningallery.com, Yoshitoshi, antique print, spirit of cherry blossoms


roningallery.com, antique Japanese prints, Kunisada, kabuki actor and cherry blossoms
Toyokuni III (AKA "Kunisada"

roningallery.com, Toshimine, girl in mirror,cherry blossoms


roningallery.com, Namiki,Hajime. 1947-- contemporary Japanese print (hanga)
Hajime Namiki (1947--)

roningallery.com, Bairei, antique Japanese print,'Woodpecker and cherry blossoms:

To see more, or to learn about their lovely gallery please visit:

 Ronin Gallery, www.roningallery.com

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