Pendants Made in Tsumami Zaiku (Kanzashi) Style: 5 added to yokodana.com

December 23, 2017 Yoko Lewis

Tsumami Zaiku: Pendants by Honami Nakashima
added December 23, 2017

More about her and tsumami kanzashi are HERE

tsumami zaiku style pendant

We again have posted some more of the tsumami zaiku work of Yoko's sister, Honami Nakashima -- a master-level high-end ceremonial kimono maker in Japan since 1977 (More about her and tsumami kanzashi are HERE). 

These  type (tsumami) always sell out at our Cherry Blossom Festivals (Philly & Brooklyn) every year and are exquisitely made tsumami accessories.  Since first offering these at venues in 2011 we hear an increasing demand from venue customers that we offer these lovely pins on our website, so we are pleased to announce that we again have some on our website: Click-Push below to see them all,


Thanks to Judith for her kind words about these on Facebook:

Judith Van Atta Roenke I purchased one of these years ago at an art show and it is still in great shape. Yoko and Dana were recently terrific in helping me choose a few for my niece.
The purchase was easy and they shipped right away.
The clips are just beautiful and well constructed. I highly recommend.
Thank you so much!

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