What's Up? A Word -- or 2 -- About YokoDana Kimono Supplies of Vintage Bulk Kimonos

May 22, 2018 Yoko Lewis

What's new at YokoDana Kimono?

1. Venues:

A Word about YokoDana Kimono In-person Venues:

First of all, greetings to all the folks who came to see us in Brooklyn a few weeks ago. We were very lucky with the weather and Brooklyn Botanic Garden Sakura Matsuri was a smashing success; you pretty much cleaned us out. Thanks to all who came out to see us that weekend -- much appreciated.

We're thinking to set up at the Obon Festival at a Buddhist Temple in South Jersey this summer but aren't sure yet. We'll announce here on our blog and to our opt-in members if that materializes.

2. Vintage Kimono Bundles by Pound, Supplies Status:

Vintage Japanese Kimono Bundles from YokoDana.com since 1998

A Word about our supplies situation in Japan for our bulk vintage kimono packages:


We have a large number of regular buyers of our bulk packages from all over the world. These customers are small shops and businesses, individual entrepreneurs, a few major large brands (we're bound not to reveal who they are under our non-disclosure agreements with them), artists, clothing and other designers and interior decorators in a fairly wide variety of what we lovingly call 'creative types' -- folks who use our old kimonos (we prefer to call them 'upcycled') to give them a new life by incorporating them into something new.  To date, we have a list of presently 24 creative ways customers have used our vintage kimono and fabrics (List is HERE).

 Because of the number of our commercial customers with regular orders, not to mention the recent increased influx of new customers coming to us from our web site and social media platforms, keeping up with demand is sometimes challenging. Given this development, in late 2017 and 2018 we have ramped up our own procurement in Japan, so are confident in our supplies being adequate to meet demand moving forward.

This mostly applies to our main and hands-down favorite product, our "A Package (110-A), offered in 10 to 30lbs packages. Our specialty packages (such as 1950's meisen kimonos, antique cottons and some other types of kimonos) are still variant with the season. As a result, we sometimes end up using a 'wait-list' for these packages, an approach which our members have told us they prefer.

We share this to give a heads-up for our new regulars and others considering us as their suppliers for authentic Japanese kimonos and fabrics. Please feel free to contact us prior to ordering and we can give you a sense of how our supplies may fit your buying needs and schedule. If you write, please use the 'contact' button or send an email to the following address (not a link):

If you are a business or entrepreneur, please put "Trade Query" into the subject of the email -- this helps your message not go to our spam box here.

3. What's in stock now?

We have ample supplies of our "A Package"(110-A), some meisen, men, children (boys and girls), hakama. Also, have some haori-himo (kumi-himo) by the dozen, link HERE.

To see the full list, with links to each, please click below:

Vintage Japanese Kimono Bundles from YokoDana.com since 1998

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