It's Cherry Blossom Time: YokoDana Kimono's First Venue, Philadelphia(Discount)

April 01, 2017 Yoko Lewis

Cherry Blossoms Washington DC, courtesy of Japan-American Society DC

It's that time of year again! We've been busy all year preparing for our spring-time venues at Cherry Blossom festivals here in the Northeast USA and are excited for our first venue which this year is in Philadelphia.  We have a great deal of fresh creations, new supplies of authentic vintage Japanese kimonos, fabrics, accessories and decor items -- most of the latter hand-made by Yoko's family in Japan: her master kimono-maker  sister, her award winning quilting sister and her neice, all in Japan. We have some really cute and differnt items this year so we suggest you come early for best selection.

To see our show schedule -- and links to all our venues -- please click-touch HERE.

As is our custom, each year we like to give special discounts to our Facebook and website fans and members of our opt-in mail list. This year, instead of requiring some kind of print-out, we are posting below a password.

To receive our on-line discount at this year's venues, please tell us where you know us from online (Facebook, our website, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc) and give us this password BEFORE checking out:    Zen-Sushi17 .

Even if you do not shop with us, but are a Facebook or site opt-in member, please tell us so and say hi. We love to meet our web fans and customers FTF (face to face).

Hoping for good weather again this year! Looking forward to seeing our 'regulars' again this year. Happy Spring!

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