Announcements: 1. International Platform, order in your language/currency; 2. Bulk Kimonos

September 16, 2017 Yoko Lewis


1. For our International Customers:

Announcing New International Platform on YokoDana Kimono:

We are pleased to announce that we have launched a new platform which enables our International customers to see our products in their own languages and currency(18 at present). We have been promised by the developers (Webinterpet.com / Paypal) that international shipping rates using this new platform on yokodana.gopal.com will be significantly lower. We will be doing this for a  three month trial and will decide on keeping the feature if our international customers like it and it works as advertised.

The way it works is this:

  • International visitor goes to www.yokodana.com as always. The system reads the visitor's IP (location) and a pop-up offers chance to see products and order in visitor's language and currency. Payment is through Paypal.com only.

  • We are asking our regular repeat international customers to first compare the shipping rate given by our cart on yokodana.com(USA English) with the shipping offered on the international platform, yokodana.glopal.com and to advise us. This will help us decide whether this feature will be continued. We welcome (actually rely on) input from visitors and customers of yokodana.com.

2. About our supplies of Bulk Kimono Packages:

We are again in full supply of all our main bulk kimono packages. We have contacted all those on the wait lists so if you are waiting for a package on our wait list and haven't heard from us in the last few days, please contact us HERE.

Go to: Bulk Kimono Packages List


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