Hand-Made Japanese Kimono Chirimen Silk Accessories from YokoDana.com

June 23, 2016 Yoko Lewis

Since Atlantic City Show we're busy filling orders and working on our website www.yokodana.com . We're thinking to put some of my sister Fumi's (Japanese quilting master) recent handiwork made using our vintage kimono fabrics. Here are a small kinchaku (cinch bag) and a small tissue holder case she made, both made from chirimen silk vintage kimono fabrics. In upcoming week we'll also be adding vintage Japanese silks by yard as well as perhaps something new (vintage obiage). Up to now we only sell these at venues. If you think you might be interested, let us know. That will help us decide. email to yokodana.usa at sign gmail dot com to give opinions anytime.

kinchaku#2, vintage Japanese chirimen silk, hand-made

hand-made kinchaku bag from yokodana.com

tissue holder hand-made from vintage chirimen silk, Yokodana Kimono

tissue holder made from vintage chirimen silk from YokoDana Kimono


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