Good News -- Bad News: Status of Bulk Vintage Kimono Packages from YokoDana Kimono

October 21, 2017 Yoko Lewis

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What's the good news? Well, it appears that the word about the special value and quality of our bulk vintage Japanese kimonos is out world-wide. Based on customer feedback, the volume of orders from around the world and our web visits and tracking data for yokodana.com -- people love our bulk vintage Japanese kimono packages. So much in fact that we're sold out! We're very happy of course about this on one level, but... and there's that word...

The Bad News is that in spite of our more than doubling of our own procurement in Japan for our bulk packages we have -- for the first time in years -- run out of inventory for our bulk vintage kimono packages (Summary Page is HERE.)

More good news is that we have been very happy to have had many finds of outstanding vintage Japanese fabrics of all sorts. We have more of those than we can realistically add to our website (in the fabrics-by-pieces/lots collection area HERE.)

In the last few weeks we have added dozens of additional fabrics by piece/yard/roll etc., including some rare antique World War II ohshima fabrics, silks, cottons, wool, asa (hemp) and kasuri (ikat). We have a great deal of these and are steadily adding new offerings almost daily.

As for the supply of our bulk vintage kimono packages, here's what we've done about it, in notice posted to our bulk package summary page:

Notice , 10/21/17:

Due to recent high demand for our bulk kimono packages we are sorry to report that we are presently temporarily Out of Stock of most of our  bulk kimono packages. We estimate that we will resume  shipments by Mid-November.
During this time, we accept pre-paid orders but please contact us first before doing this. You can (and we recommend) add yourself to the Wait-Lists, especially for the A Packages, our hands-down favorite among customers.

Add yourself to "A Package"(or other) Wait List HERE

We're so sorry to inconvenience you, especially our faithful regular customers. So feel free to write us about any of this to:

 (not a link)

Please put "yokodana input" in subject of the email (so it doesn't disappear to spam).

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