COVID19: Bulk Kimono Packages Availability, UPDATE Sept2.2020

September 02, 2020 Yoko Lewis

Updated Waitlist, Effective September 2, 2020:

YokoDana Kimono Bulk Kimono Packages Rationing and Wait List Policy & Procedures


Our operations of gathering bulk kimonos all around Japan continue. It has, however, slowed considerably since February. As a result, we are simply not able to bring in kimono supplies as often as we did pre-COVID. We anticipate this will continue at least through late 2020.

In short, we will continue selling our bulk kimonos during the Pandemic, but due to increased demand --as well as longer times between import shipments arrival here in USA -- our bulk kimono packages will need to be sold on a waitlist basis for opt-in members only. Details on this new procedure follow below, ITEM 2.

2. New WaitList Procedures, effective September 2, 2020.
Opt-in Members Wait List for bulk kimono packages:

a) Only members of our Opt-In Mail list are eligible to use the waitlist for bulk kimono packages.

b) We will add waitlist information at top of each bulk kimono product page.

c) We cannot guarantee the length of time you must wait, but it could be several weeks; so much depends on supply-demand issues -- and these are very fluid.

d) To get on a waitlist for any of the bulk packages please do the following:

  • Be sure to use the same email as your membership email; then send an email to waitlist@yokodana.com with "Member Wait List Request(PRODUCT NUMBER)" in the subject of the email.
  • In your email please include your full ship-to name, address, and phone number (for shipping label, we won't call).
  • Just before we're ready to ship, we will confirm your shipping cost, and send an invoice.
  • If you have a time constraint, please mention this in your initial message.
  • Once you receive our waitlist invoice we ask that you complete the order in a timely fashion (24-36 hours after date-time sent of our offer email). If no longer interested please message us anytime.
  • IMPORTANT: If putting your name on the waitlist for multiple packages, please indicate whether you want them all shipped at same time, or, as each becomes available.

We don't like to make this so complicated, but our objective is to enable as many of our customers to get their fair share of the bulk kimonos during the COVID19 Pandemic -- and a waitlist seems the most equitable and simplest for us to manage.

We truly appreciate everyone's patience and understanding as we navigate these historic and challenging times. May you and yours be well and safe.

Best regards,

Yoko & Dana Lewis
YokoDana Kimono

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