COVID UPDATE: YokoDana.com's Bulk Kimono Supplies Status, New Bulk Packages

May 15, 2021 Yoko Lewis

110-OHSHIMA-5: Lot, 5 Kimonos, Older Japanese Ohshima Tsumugi Mud-Plant Dyed Silk

Wattention.com Group Ladies in meisen kimoonos(Image: wattention.com)

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May 15, 2021
Questions we're being asked lately:

1. Question: Is YokoDana still bringing in vintage bulk kimonos and fabrics from Japan during COVID?

  Our Answer:

We hope this finds you well and coping during the Pandemic. It's been a year like no other, but we're happy to report that in spite of the Pandemic, we and ours are well and we continue to gather vintage kimonos and fabrics in Japan. However, due to continuing COVID restrictions there, as well as the on-going effect on global and USA inland shipping, we simply are not getting our re-supply shipments as often as in the past. Also, at the same time, demand for our bulk packages continues to grow. For months now, most of the time our demand is greater than our supply. So...while we are happy that we are still able to provide our main bulk packages, unfortunately, we have to ration and set limits on most of our packages -- limiting the amount which can be ordered at a time and how often. This is so that we can fairly distribute what we do have to our many customers worldwide. Each package description page spells out details on limits.

2. Question:  I noticed some new bundles and lot offerings that show up on your site, but are more often out of stock. What's up with that?

Our Answer:  

During all of 2020 during the Pandemic we've just not been getting our supplies in from Japan as often as we did Pre-COVID. As a result, our popular packages ended up being 'out of stock' far too often for our liking. We decided that we might try to compensate for this, and so we went through our 'stash' and have come up with creative packages, some already up, others in the works.

The pictures at the top are of some of the new offerings. But we have created a page where we explain this in some detail, and list some of the new packages we've offered so far. To learn more, please go to this page==> Rare, Special Vintage/Antique Bulk Kimono & Fabric Packages  .

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