Coming to see us in Brooklyn? News about Our Botanic Garden Venue 2017

April 21, 2017 Yoko Lewis

If you're going to the awesome (no, really, 'awesome' in the original sense of the word, 'inspiring awe') Cherry Blossom Festival held every year in the magnificent Brooklyn Botanic Garden, we have some news for you, below:

1. Member Discounts for Venues, Next up, Brooklyn, NY:

A. Our 2017 In-Person Venues Schedule with pictures of what we usually bring, click-touch HERE.

B. Brooklyn Botanic Garden Sakura Matsuri Venue:

Saturday April 29, 2017 and Sunday, April 30, 2017, 10am to 5:00pm in Osborne Gardens of Brooklyn Botanic Garden(BBG); We are very close to the North Gate into BBG[on Eastern Parkway] into Oborne Gardens; or enter via the Visitor Center entrance at 990 Washington Avenue.

You can find their web site with full festival information at their page HERE.

We have A LOT of fresh inventory and items hand-made from our vintage kimono fabrics which we've been making all year long.

We suggest you COME EARLY as we anticipate the hand-mades and boys & girls kimonos will go fast on Saturday (as they do every year). Last year there were over 40,000 people on Saturday so to get best pick we suggest you come earlier than later.


  • Boys and Girls Kimonos (Sorry, no Happi Coats this year)

  • Haori (Kimono coats)

  • Ladies Vintage Kimono¬†(long traditional kimonos)

  • Men's Vintage Kimono (long traditional kimonos)

  • Ladies Nagajuban (underkimono robes)

  • Vintage Japanese Kimono Fabrics by piece

  • Many different items hand-made from our vintage and antique kimono fabrics:

    To include -- hair and clothing accessories, scarves, kinchaku bags and purses, decor items and MANY more.

C. Brooklyn Botanic Garden Venue Web Site Discount:

If you've never been to see us at a venue, please be sure to announce to us when you enter our booth that you are an opt-in member.
This year's member password is: ZEN-SUSHI2017 . Please just tell us this password before checking out. No need to bring a print-out any longer.

Looking forward to seeing our 'regulars' and to make new acquaintances in Brooklyn.

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