Coming Soon to YokoDana Kimono: High-End Kanzashi ,Tsumami

October 14, 2018 Yoko Lewis

We are in the process of upgrading our web store. Also, we are in the midst of increasing  offerings of items  which are hand crafted in Japan by our own artisans and seamstresses -- Not Chinese or other off-shore mass production.

So we are pleased to announce today that  the kanzashi below -- and others to come, all  made by our own artisans  -- will be added to the web store soon. Our kanzashi are tsumami zaiku type -- fine examples of traditional artisan work made with Japanese kimono fabrics.

To learn more about Honami Nakashima's hand-crafted tsumami zaiku style kanzashi accessories please visit HERE.

Honami's newest creations coming soon (to be posted by October 16, 2018; These and others will be added to the web store:

 kanzashi display 4 kanzashi display 3
kanzashi display samples 1.2 kanzashi display 4
kanzashi 5 kanzashi display set 6

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