Close-out Sale: Rare Museum-Quality Meiji Era Antique JapaneseTextile

July 07, 2017 Yoko Lewis

3401: Meiji Era Tsutsugaki Futonji,Japanese antique textile

Rare Museum-Quality #Meiji Era #Antique #Tsutsugaki #Futonji from YokoDana Kimono, www.yokodana.com ; 50% Close-out Sale 

We stopped acquiring these kinds of antique Japanese textile pieces a number of years ago when we decided to focus on just our bulk vintage kimonos and  fabrics. So this is our last antique piece left as we have formally closed that part of our business. This museum-quality piece is now 50% off, first come first served – Our number 3401 . 

 This #Meiji era #futonji was made using the  #tsutsugaki  method in late 1800's to first decade of 20th Century. Shipping worldwide  is free
(USA via USPS EMS, International via DHL Express).

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http://bit.ly/yokodana-meiji-futonji  (3401 #tsutsugaki)

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