Bulk Vintage Japanese Kimonos Wholesale By-Pound, 10lbs and up, YokoDana.com

August 01, 2017 Yoko Lewis

Vintage Japanese Kimono Bundles by pound since 1998 from YokoDana Kimono,yokodana.com
 20lbs "A Package", 110-A silk and silk blend vintage Japanese kimonos by pound
110-NAG, ladies nagajuban (under kimono)
110-CTN, 10lbs vintage Japanese cottons 
10lbs "A" Package,ladies silk,silk blend Japanese vintage kimonos by pound,yokodana.com
110-MSN, 10 pounds 1950s meisen silk vintage Japanese kimonos by pound
packed  bulk kimono package from yokodana.com

YokoDana Kimono, as www.yokodana.com, shipping bulk by-pound authentic vintage Japanese kimonos world-wide since 1998: To learn more about all our types of vintage kimono packages please visit our bulk kimono package overview and list page HERE.

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