Anime and Video Game-Inspired Japanese Kimonos 2017

January 12, 2017 Yoko Lewis

Anime and video game-inspired Japanese kimonos

Japanese kimonos have evolved over time thanks to designers who have successfully incorporated them into today's fashion. Modern kimonos can be worn with jeans, shorts, and even skirts. There are some pretty slick Kimono designs featured in collections by designers such as Jotaro Saito but perhaps the ones included in this list are currently the most unique among all modern kimonos that are being worn today.

Taking inspiration from anime and video games, fashion designer Christopher Reiss has mixed the kimono and skirt concept in order to create really cool outfits that can either be worn for cosplay or other special events.

Below are some examples of his work:

Pokemon's Vaporeon in kimono form Above: Pokemon's Vaporeon in kimono form

 Above: Assassin's Creed Kimonofied Garb with Hood 

Above: Gravity Falls Kimono/Skirt Fusion

Traditional kimono designers have been struggling over the years to bring a contemporary edge to the classic Japanese garment. Some fashion experts have even suggested incorporating pop culture themes in the designs to attract millennials.

Anime and video games command huge sales in Japan annually. According to Statista, the annual global video games revenue is valued at around $51 billion. In addition, statistics show that the average daily minutes spent playing video games is 23 minutes per day, which makes video games one of the most popular forms of pastimes across all demographics.

With the popularity of both mediums, perhaps it’s high time that Japanese kimono makers tap into the popularity of the digital world. Video game characters wear them all the time, which is evident on plenty of games such as Henteko Doujin’s Beneath the Cherry Trees, and casual titles like Koi Princess Fortune, which is being featured on the recreational website Slingo. Considering the number of video game characters that wear kimonos, it shouldn’t be too difficult to promote cutting edge kimono designs to the gaming community. Indie video game designers are always looking for business partners who can help fund their projects so maybe some deals could be struck between developers and kimono manufacturers moving forward.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Christopher Reiss’s anime and video game-inspired kimonos, you can visit his shop on Etsy. Most of them are priced at about $175, which isn’t too bad considering the detail and originality incorporated in all of his designs.

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